First Installation in Nigeria – Adeleke University Ede (AUE)

We are more than proud to announce the first SmartClass+ installation in Nigeria.

Our partner in Nigeria, Olu Babatunde, is a man with an amazing level of energy. I was honored to conduct a skype interview with him. We talked about the recent sucess of Robotel SmartClass+ in his region.

Adeleke University has 10 departments organized in three faculties. The new language lab will be used by the Languages and Literary and Religious departments. 11 teachers were trained to use the SmartClass+ language learning platform, operating on 10 students stations.

There is quite an interesting story behind the installation of the new lab equipment. The work on the Adeleke University Lab was done between Friday, January 2nd and Sunday, January 4th. The furniture was built to specifications, the All-in-One computers were setup. All work was done precisely and in a record short time.

Our partner in Nigeria and West Africa, Olu Babatunde.

Olu Babatunde has an amazing 23 years of experience in computer technology and network engineering, Cisco and Microsoft certification included. This experience and a great personal attitude makes him a very reliable partner for large education institutions.

As the interview with Olu Babatunde flowed, I learned about an upcoming project on which Olu Babatunde is working. I can only report that two of the biggest universities in the country have expressed their interest for language lab class modernization. According to Olu Babatunde, universities in Nigeria are mostly equipped with language labs that use an old cassette recorder system. The installation of SmartClass+ makes Adeleke University the best equipped institution for foreign language education.


Culled from SmartClass Community