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    What We Do

    The ROBOTEL SmartClass+: The 21st Century Digital and Multimedia Resource that allows for both in classroom and online interactive teaching/learning.
    ROBOTEL Solutions include:

    SmartClass+ HUB

    Online Digital Teaching Platform

    Enables teachers to manage their classes from their office or home.

    20 Activity Templates for your curriculum, any language.

    SmartClass+ LIVE

    Interactive Classroom Management Platform

    • Digital Multimedia and Multilingual Language Laboratory
    • CAD and Artificial Intelligence (CAD&AI) Labs
    • Digital Medical Laboratory
    • Mass Communication & Media Arts Laboratory
    • Web Based Self-Study, e-Library, ICT Centre.

    SmartClass+ CONTENT

    Let’s Talk English Curriculum – Complete ESL/EFL English Curriculum. Based on CEFR Proficiency Standards(A1-C2). Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking Skills. Integral Vocabulary and Grammar Elements. Easily Customize Your Own Activities/Content.

    2500+ Exercises, 50% Auto-graded activities.

    Topteck ICT Products

    • Interactive Flat Panel Displays(IFPDs)
    • PCs, Laptops, Graphics Tablet Monitor & Document Visualizer
    • PCAP Touch Screens(Interactive Touch Table, Display Stands, etc)
    • Interactive Whiteboard

    We have the best 21st Century ICT Tools for classrooms and online interactive teaching/learning,  meetings, presentations, or conferences for the office/government/military. They are also used in Hotels, Airports, and Supermarkets for instruction dissemination, advertising displays, bookings, directions etc.

    Other ICT Solutions

    • Networking
    • Engineering & Communication
    • Access Control & Security

    Maintenance & Support