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Get to know more about Digital Multilingual and Multimedia Language Laboratory, Robotel SmartClass+, The 21st Century Digital Classroom Management System and Resources, used in orchestrating Interactive Multimedia Learning Activities.

What is a digital language laboratory?

The Digital Language Laboratory is an audio or audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching. They can be found, amongst other places, in schools, universities, and academies.

Language learning platforms enable teachers to assign in-class activities, such as pairing and recording, where all students are able to speak concurrently. And self-study recording activities can also be assigned as homework to further increase practice time.

Why use a digital language laboratory?

Digital Language Lab makes learning languages easier as the students can practice on their own, since language learning involves practice,practice and more practice.

Before exploring our options for deploying a language lab, it is important to first consider the types of activities that a teacher might need to assign to their students.

Student activities generally fall into one of two categories; synchronous (or “live”), and asynchronous (or “self-study”).   At the university or adult learner level, the focus might be exclusively on self-study, while at the middle school or high school level, there is often a blend of live and self-study activities.

What does a 21st century language lab look like?

Many language labs still use this same configuration, however, with the technological advances made over the past 15 years we now have the flexibility of implementing a language learning platform in almost any environment.  Consider the following relatively new technologies:


  • WiFi wireless networking
  • Tablets
  • Smart phones

The combination of these new technologies means that both student and teacher workstations can be completely portable – and not tethered to a specific room.  Today, we see a growing number of cart-based portable labs.

We also see a migration toward BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs, where students and teachers bring their own workstations to class.

And we see 1-to-1 programs – where each student is issued a tablet or a laptop upon enrollment.

A 21st century language learning platform embraces learning at any-time, from any-place, and on any-device.

What is Robotel Smartclas+?

Robotel Smartclass+ is a 21st Century Digital Classroom, which brings technology into the classroom, allows teaching using digital modules or lessons (consisting of 2D and 3D animations, graphics, audio and video) on every subject.

Teachers can easily access, projects and explain in the classroom abstract and difficult concepts. The classroom becomes a fascinating place to be in as this new generation of learners sees, instead of just being told and explained to how things happen.

How is Robotel Smartclass+ implemented in schools?

  • All Software, hardware equipment and accessories – installation and maintenance
  • Security: The SmartClass+ resource is designed and developed by ROBOTEL; there is absolutely no potential breach of software or any security systems
  • Video Quality broadcast: The video image is switched in native resolution, refresh rate, number of colours with no delay.
  • Robust: All our Hardware components comes with a Three Year Warranty;
  • Operating System independence: Document camera and Video conference unit integrated.
  • System Installation and Value for money: All equipment are manufactured by ROBOTEL and the installation is also done by ROBOTEL engineers, Robust and on-site user training is carried out by ROBOTEL.
  • Technical Benefit: The technical benefits of the SmartClass+ CAD lab are immense. Being a dedicated network totally external to the computer makes it the most performing classroom management system on the market.
  • Training of teachers. We also facilitate and support our LAB coordinator(s) for on-site visit and training at our Laboratory in Montreal Canada, (Terms and conditions apply). We always leave our clients with the best experience they ever imagined! That is what is called VALUE….
  • Development of digital content by teachers or access to online contents mapped to schools syllabus
  • Support and monitoring of usage

Advantages of Robotel Smartclass+ over others

  • Any-where, Any-place, Any-Device, Any-School, Any-Teacher, Any-Subject
  • Compatible on any Operating System
  • Any preparatory work that teachers can do in school, can now also be done remotely from home – including building and assigning new self-study exercises.
  • A new self-study exercise immediately transcribes student recordings to text, evaluates student work, and provides immediate grading & feedback.
  • Broadcast Instructors’ PC video and audio
  • Broadcast individual student PC video and audio
  • Monitor students’ PC video and audio
  • Teacher can take control of Student’s PC
  • Teachers and Students can teach / learn in real-time
  • Monitor and record students’ progress
  • Assign and collect classwork / homework
  • Use a wide selection of media resources
  • Webcam support for sign languages
  • Students can be paired into sections

Robotel Smartclass+ strength over others

  • One year free maintenance and Training / Re-training of Clients
  • Guide Clients to create their digital contents
  • Great Client Relationship
  • Timely Delivery

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